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  我的世界Java版更新:烟花和自由堡垒!一张爆炸性的新音乐体验型地图来到PC领域,这些更新包括一些新地图,小游戏和社区的一些新体验型地图,然后发送到Minecraft Java版的领域之中,供你们在游戏中随意挑选。


  This week we have a new music experience, bringing precisely 266% more DOPE TRACKS than any music experience before it, combined with a fireworks display that delivers a mathematically unmeasurable quantity of both "OOOH" and "AAAH"!

  本周我们更新了一些音乐体验型地图,精确地来说比之前多了 266% ,配合上烟花,展示了在数学上无限的“哦哦哦哦”和“啊啊啊啊”的叫声!

  Following that are two minigames that put a new spin on past designs: a perilous parkour map that loads in as you leap, and a fortress defence gametype where you plug together modular components to create an impenetrable base. They're sure to keep you busy throughout the week and beyond! Let’s dig in, shall we?



  by Guenstig





  While we wouldn’t usually recommend that you not read this blog, if you were to stop right here, close your browser, and boot up Minecraft to try this map immediately, we wouldn’t blame you. This is one of the coolest submissions to Realms that we’ve received.


  Accompanying a colossal quantity of explosions are eight tracks by Approaching Nirvana, a favourite of Minecraft streamers whose tracks have been heard at previous MINECONs. Be sure to load up each one and see if you can find the hidden egg firework!

  伴随着巨大爆炸声的八道铁轨是Approaching Nirvana制作的,他是一名Minecraft曲作者,他之前的作品也在Minecon上展示过。一定要在每一道铁轨上都走过一遍,看看你能不能找到隐藏的菜单!


  by ChainsawNinja

  It's been a while since we’ve had a map quite like this. Back in the day, we had CastleRise: Brothers’ Feud, a popular modular building and attack game. Fortress Frenzy puts its own spin on this game style, giving each team a limited currency to spend on defensive structures, items and weapons. With 18 modules to pick from, and a 5x6 grid on which to arrange them, there are many strategic combinations to explore. Or perhaps you'll save on construction and shell out for a more offensive strategy. In either case, be sure to complete your base within the time limit, because when the time is up, the opposing force will be on their way!

  距离我们上次收到这样的地图已经很久了。在过去,我们收到了CastleRise: Brothers’ Feud,一张非常受欢迎的建筑战斗地图。Fortress Frenzy在游戏风格上有自己的优势,它给每支队伍有限的货币来建造防御塔或购买道具与武器。18个模块可选择安装在5x6的网格之中,也有很多战略组合可供探索。或者,你可以节省建设费用,并采取更具攻击性的策略。不论是什么情况,一定要在时限内完成你的基地,因为时间到了,敌方的部队就要出发了!


  by NeoMc, FantomLX and iWacky

  We’ve covered many parkour maps here in the past, but it's always nice to see a fresh take on the genre. A puzzling map generates in front of you and disappears behind. You and your friends need to plan ahead and be fast on your feet in order to survive.


  That's all for now!


  To learn about loading this and other content into Realms for PC, visit our help site. If you haven't yet tried Realms for yourself, you'll have a blue diamond on the Minecraft Realms button, located on the main screen of Minecraft for PC. Click it, then follow the instructions to try Realms free for 30 days.


  Happy Minecrafting!