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红色警戒3帝国怎么玩 RA3帝国新手教学

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红色警戒3帝国怎么玩 RA3帝国新手教学


  Sheriff AA Das.Duelon Jeromo


  Duelon: in EvE never,in EvA u want to get out some anti air (can be tengus or VX)

  then go for thrid,in EvS u delay ur third quite a bit because u build alot of tengus,ah and never go 3 ref start, its suicide


  Jeromo: all maps - different timings , but main points are the same >> EvE - if you control air with your tengues and have like 3-5 more tengues then your opponent you can go t2 or third ref (  in case if you haven t got opportunity to kill opponent right now).   AvE - The main aim - have the same quality of refs as your Allies opponent ( or you will lose). If you see your opponent goes 3rd 4th 5th  ref - you need do the same thing ( not always works, but long games help). SvE - I love go fast 3 ref start sometimes... but usually you need start attack wiht your 3-5 tengues and make some dammage - if all ok and you killed 1(2) harv you can go 3rd ref - if your opponent beat you then.. mb go barraks instead of 3rd ref


  AA:This is one of the most important aspects of playing empire as this decision can make or break the game for you. The key to successfully expanding as an empire player is doing so when you’re sure that no pressure will come your way for the next 15-20 seconds. You can do this by using your own units to defend yourself during this time, or even by using them to harass your opponent and keep them distracted while you build the refinery core.

  Also, always make sure that the refinery core has a clear path to it’s destination. They are pretty defenseless in core mode and you don’t want to be throwing 2500 credits away.




  DD: yeah only tengus, when u have more tengus then ur opponent,u can tech up and get 1-2 vx,when ur opponent has more tengu then u,u can tech up and get tsunami,and hope he doesnt have eyes


  Jeromo: EvE tengu spam only on some most popular maps like ii or fi - usually its more interesting games with other kind of utits - but if we are talking about other tactics - you can go fast tb drop or if you lose tengu wars at the beginning - trying fast t2 ( usually if you lost air-tengu-war you can send all your recent tengus on Main of your opponent and take his attention for some time -- doing t2 at the same). Frankly speaking there always tengu wars and no other units at EvE


  AA: A sudden transport filled with tankbusters can really make a difference in breaking traditional tengu spam vs tengu spam. A quick tech up can also catch your opponent off guard if timed right, as they will be busy spamming tengus while you are rolling tsunami tanks into their base.



  DD:as soon as u see t2 on mcv u go 2x turret, next to ur refs, and u go barracks and spam IW

  for turrets.u cant sell mcv before u have warfac, allies go to water = u loose


  Jeromo:Ez - you scout > trying to make factory as fast as you can + 1 barrack >>> build walls around factory and make few tbs or eWarriors >>> sold main base and trying engi his main >>> tengu spam


  AA:What I have learned over the years is the best way to counter this is forgetting about spamming infantry and sell off what dojos you have (this should still leave you with 7 or 8 imperial warriors at least from early game). Immediately get the advanced rockets protocal and get your mecha bay to tier 2 immediately and spam VXs. While doing this, build a second generator (if you have not already) and also build a turret. Be sure to place the turret where it can protect your refinery, the front of your mecha bay, and one of your power plants, with the refinery being the highest priority. Even if your opponent manages to snipe the turret, it will draw fire which will allow your first few VXs to come out of the mecha bay clean.

  Once you have about 3 VXs, start building tsunami tanks. Use those and what infantry you have to repel the push by targeting the MCV. Once the MCV dies, it’s all over for the allied pusher.



  DD:mass tengu with pdd,vx useless


  Jeromo: i think you just must not give your opponent go to tws+bfs,of you see air you need start damage,or be ready to drops


  AA:  Most empire players say tengus with point defense drones is the best defense, but I personally prefer just placing turrets at each of my refineries. You also want to have some VXs handy, but don’t want to end up relying on JUST the VXs for protection as good Soviet twin-froggers will exploit the speed advantage of the twinblades and bullfrogs.

  These turrets won’t finish the task of killing of the twinfrog itself, but it will kep the harassments off long enough for you to mass enough units to push the Soviets player’s base and finish them off.



  DD: try to end game quick,u have no chance in late game


  Jeromo: If you really want to play Empire - try to make as more damedge to sov as you can >> always win tengu wars against other Empire >> and surrender when you see Al on ii


  AA: Just because empire has cheap units doesn’t mean it’s the easiest to play. Empire has the weakest units of the 3 factions and must use their units in numbers in order to be effective. A lot of empire players fall into the trap of throwing units away which ends up costing them games. Make use of every units and take full advantage of transform abilities that allow you to evacuate damaged units and repair them for later battles. Also, one of empire’s most effective and under-utilized assets is their tier 3 units. If you want to be a successful empire player, try incorporating tier 3 units into your playstyle J